A love for coffee

As a kid growing up in New Orleans I experienced coffee early. My grandmother would often give me a café au lait with loads of sugar. I loved it! I still like coffee with sugar and flavors, but once I acquired the taste for good black coffee I discovered how complex and wonderful coffee can be.

Mom had many devices to make coffee. We had a french press, a percolator, and of course a drip maker. The coffee I liked best was cold brewed, that’s what we called iced coffee (I learned later that iced coffee and cold brew are very different). She had a beautiful vessel that would make the best cold brew coffee. Later our family opened a coffee house where I learned more about coffee and how to make and serve it. I can make a mean cappuccino.

It was always cold brew that I loved the best. Later I found out about the health benefits of cold brewing coffee (lower acid / antioxidant). Then I learned how wonderful it is to have gourmet cold brew coffee ready-to-go. It’s great for camping and boating, for rushed mornings, afternoon treats, anytime really. Pull one from the fridge (or the tap) and you’re done. Nothing is more convenient.

It’s on. I’m offering you the benefit of a lifelong experience and love for coffee. My company Heartsome Coffee is delivering the highest quality gourmet cold brew coffee in cans or kegs…